Leadwork & Chimney Solutions

A Bailey Roofing

Specialising in all aspects of leadwork and chimneys

At A Bailey Roofing Limited we offer a wide range of traditional heritage leadwork, lead box gutters, lead flat roofs, chimney lead flashings, stepped flashings to vertical lead cladding on dormers as well as restoration and temporary construction leadwork. As a proven, long-life building material, it is extremely malleable and can be readily dressed to fit the multi-curved contours of many modern building materials, particularly roofing tiles. It also provides a long-term solution in most roofing situations as its versatile, has a long life and clean appearance which enhances the roof line and can even provide a feature in itself.

We complete all leadwork to the highest possible standard and adhere to Lead Association Standards regarding new products and all lead we use meets BS EN 12588.

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High Quality Chimney Services

Always looking for the most cost-effective, durable solution for you.

Many chimneys were built years ago as part of your roof and are now being overlooked in terms of keeping it clean and ensuring it is still working how it should. As a chimney ages over the years, they can be damaged and lose their effectiveness therefore requiring regular repairs and maintenance to keep them performing at their best.

Issues with chimneys arise when you notice your property starting to leak,  usually the result of the chimney having cracks in the brick mortar or in the trim boards or it being improperly roofed. Here at A Bailey Roofing Limited we recommend calling our expert team to undertake a survey and risk assessment to advise you on the best solution moving forward.